TT-100-S-T Plastic Convenience Shopping Cart

Convert your basket shoppers into cart shoppers with a convenience cart. The TT Series are plastic two-tier shopping carts designed to fit a variety of retail environments while providing a number of branding opportunities. The plastic construction allows you to color coordinate your cart to blend seamlessly with your store fixtures and enhance your store image.    


The TT-100-S-T is a plastic convenience shopping cart designed to work in a variety of different environments from grocery stores to retail or hardware stores while complimenting your stores brand. It’s two basket design allows customers to buy more than traditional hand baskets and it’s small footprint allows them to move easily around the store, even at busy times. The capacity of the TT-100-S-T is increased by the addition of a lower rear tray which is perfect for large, bulky or heavy items. We designed the oval plastic pattern to be easy to clean and it provide a clearer view into the baskets for added security.


The TT-100-S-T is available in black, blue, green and red and can be matched with the larger V-Series shopping carts for a seamless look across all your store equipment. You can also add branding on the two front panels as well as on the handle.


  • two-tier, functional design allows for a large capacity in a small compact cart
  • plastic baskets reduce damage to store fixtures and autos while complementing store branding and decor
  • purse hook encourages shoppers to hang bags outside of the basket keeping baskets free for shopping (not pictured)
  • short wheelbase, narrow design and 7.28” nesting offers more maneuverability in narrow isles and congested areas while taking up less floor space when stored
  • easy branding on up to 2 areas with full color logo sticker
  • 5” non-marking wheels ensure that your store’s floors stay clean
  • oval shaped basket pattern gives greater visibility into the baskets for added security and makes keeping your carts clean easier
  • optional ergonomic, ABS handle allows for a full color graphic logo
length 31.30 inches
width 22.01 inches
height 41.06 inches
weight of cart 40 pounds
nesting distance 7.28 inches
basket capacity 4,920 cubic inches
cart capacity 5,351 cubic inches
shopping capacity 7,491 cubic inches
wheel description 5 inches
brakes no

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