Frequently Asked Questions2017-04-13T11:41:25-06:00
Is there a warranty?2014-05-23T20:02:21-06:00

There is a standard one year warranty that covers manufacture errors and unusual product break down.

Do you offer used or refurbished carts?2014-05-23T20:01:23-06:00

On rare occassions we do have used carts for sale. They are viewable in the “Deals” section of our website.

May I pick up the product rather than have it delivered?2014-05-23T20:00:31-06:00

No, it is best to have it delivered to avoid any risk of damaging the product while you transport it.

Where does the product ship from?2014-05-23T19:59:42-06:00

Product ships from our Greenfield, TN warehouse.

May I set up my own shipping?2014-05-23T19:59:02-06:00

Absolutely, third party shipping is available.

Where are you located?2014-05-23T19:58:33-06:00

Our corporate office is in Boulder, CO however we ship from our warehouse in Greenfield, TN.

Do you ship internationally?2014-05-23T19:57:44-06:00

Yes we do!

Do you have samples available?2017-04-13T11:41:27-06:00

Samples are available under certain circumstances, please feel free to contact Customer Service at 1-800-690-9112 if you are interested in seeing our products in person.

Can I get a customized logo on my carts?2014-05-23T19:53:30-06:00

Yes or at the very least your name on your cart. Screen printing on handles is limited to lettering and only one color, while full color inserts can take full color graphic logos. Logo panels are also available in single color prints and can include the company logo.

Do you sell replacement parts for your carts?2014-05-23T19:51:16-06:00

Yes we do, including wheels, handles, ears for handles, brakes, and castors.

Do you sell individual carts or are they only available in bulk?2014-05-23T19:49:46-06:00

Yes, we sell as few as one item or as many as necessary.