Our Story

Sometimes it’s hard to get excited about
a shopping cart.

You go into the store, you pull one out, you push it around. It goes one way, you go the other. You may get frustrated, but excited? No.

Then came Versacart.

The Beginning

Several years ago Michel Walter, president of the company, saw a yawning gap in the market. There was nothing for the shopper who wanted more than a hand basket but less than the unwieldy traditional shopping cart. The EZcart® was born.

This patented shopping innovation was the first shopping cart to make people use words like “sexy” and “cute” to describe it. Not only was this new little cart sexy and cute, with it’s natty double basket combination, but it drove like a dream, spun on a penny and changed the lives of shoppers across the country.

But this was just the beginning for the company that began in a suburban basement. Versacart now sells carts to thousands of customers nationwide and around the globe.

The EZcart® was the beginning of a revolution in the cart industry. One highly desirable innovation grew into a product line that includes every possible variation on the cart theme. Each one uniquely designed and manufactured to meet customer needs and exceed the highest international standards.


Today Versacart remains a leader and innovator in the store equipment industry and is the premier shopping cart manufacturer for quality, design-conscious, innovative solutions. Designing and manufacturing customized shopping carts for customers like Whole Foods, Safeway, Kroger and Ace Hardware. Our unique patented carts can be seen in grocery stores, hardware stores, warehouses, libraries and industrial facilities throughout the world.

Versacart not only offers an extensive series of stylish and functional products. It also custom designs carts to individual specifications. Any one of the current production carts can be modified to cater specifically for you the customer.

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