EXpress Cart Corral

Properly placed around your store, our cart corrals will protect your shopping cart investment, reduce labor cost for cart retrieval and improve your customers shopping experience.

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Product Description

  • convenient space to store shopping carts while using very little floor space
  • stylish and sleek design complements store decor and branding
  • customizeable size – available 7.5 and 10 foot configurations
  • small footprint allows for placement around the store for easy access for customers
  • low profile design for added stability
  • holds up to 10-15 shopping carts depending on configuration
  • heavy duty design and durable finish
  • simplified cart storage
  • easy to move, place and secure whenever needed
option 7.5 ft 10 ft
length 88.94 inches 121.67 inches
width 25.59 inches 25.59 inches
height 21 inches 21 inches
weight of cart 100 pounds 100 pounds
cart capacity 10 15

Specification Sheet

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