IMAGINE a world without design. Nothing feels good, looks good, gives pleasure, it simply works. Imagine a world without imagination.

This was the world of carts before Versacart.

To innovate is to make something new. To do this you need to SEE, to pay attention to the “world out there”. You need to interpret and respond to a constantly changing REALITY. And you have to be out in front.

Function needs form. Both are essential. People like to use things that work but — if you want them to choose you — they have to get something more. You have to look and feel better and different.

Versacart helps you apply these principles to a previously neglected aspect of your business. We’ve built our company around our ability to reinterpret things that work. We know how to design them so that they stand out in a crowd. As a business principle it works for us. As a business principle it can work for you.

Versacart cares so much about unique design that we’ve taken the time and money to invest in it. Our impressive record of over 80 US patents speaks for itself.



We are the first company in our industry to recognize the potential of the shopping cart as a vehicle for the unique expression of your company style and branding.


We are the first cart company to spend significant time researching what customers need and prefer. We think that’s important.


Human beings make choices. We are the first cart company to credit our customers with the ability to make important choices. We use this information to help them choose us. We can do this for you.


We are the first cart company to appreciate the limitations of available space. We know how to give you more by designing the tightest nesting in the industry.


We have research and designed the optimal capacity to footprint ratio so that customers can maneuver down congested aisles with ease.


Our carts are designed around the human beings that use them, not dinosaurs.