E Series 180 Liter Wire Shopping Cart

The E Series 180 liter wire shopping cart is the largest shopping cart in our E Series line and offers superior construction and style meant to fit seamlessly into both grocery and retail store environments.

We offer a variety of different styles and sizes of traditional shopping carts in both wire and plastic. Our commitment to quality, design and innovation ensures that you get the very best for your store.
Our traditional carts are built into families, designed to match other categories of shopping cart, so you can have a seamless look throughout your store equipment, matching and reinforcing the power of your brand.

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Product Description

E Series 180 L Large Wire Grocery Shopping Cart

The E Series 180 liter large wire grocery shopping cart is perfect for grocery and retail. It’s large capacity provides customers with the space to get everything they need on their shopping list. It’s durable and stylish construction work to compliment your store’s branding and decor creating a seamless experience for customers. The E Series 180 liter can also be combined with our Express series shopping carts to offer the ultimate in convenience for your shoppers.

Features & Benefits

  • traditional shopping cart design with enhanced strength and durability
  • trademark EXpress design, with rounded retro-chic chassis and basket provides a stylish addition to your store
  • narrow cart width fits most aisles while maintaining maximum shopping capacity
  • seamless welded metal frame for added basket strength and to prevent corrosion
  • double wire on top of basket frame for stability
  • fixed lower tray for reduced noise and greater durability
  • corner bumpers included to prevent damage to product and fixtures and for customer safety
  • purse hook encourages shoppers to hang bags outside of the basket keeping baskets free for shopping
  • 5” non-marking wheels ensure that your store’s floors stay clean
  • cart finish: powder coated
  • standard frame colors: metallic grey
  • custom colors: PMS match with 250pc min. order
  • custom branding: logo handles, basket panels, advertising panels
  • optional add-on beverage and flower holder

Design Focus

The focus in designing this product was to create a look that was both organic and chic. Used in conjunction with the Express series of shopping carts you can present a unified and thoughtful look that shoppers will appreciate. Aesthetically pleasing and incredibly durable wire construction sets your store apart from the competition while offering the best for your customers.

length 42.52 inches
width 27.36 inches
height 41.34 inches
weight of cart 65 pounds
nesting distance 10.83 inches
basket capacity 10,894 cubic inches
cart capacity 16,892 cubic inches
shopping capacity 21,250 cubic inches
wheel description 5 inches
brakes no

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