Beverage and Flower Holder

Maximize the usefulness and versatility of your shopping cart by adding one or more of our purpose built accessories.

The beverage and flower holder attachment offers improved service and convenience to your customers while maintaining your existing shopping capacity. This small add-on is easy to install and allows customers to safely carry beverages of all different shapes and sizes. It also doubles as a easy-to-use flower bouquet holder, keeping flowers out of the way of other shopping items.

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Product Description

  • smart design with flexible opening in the bottom holds multiple beverage sizes and fresh flower bouquets
  • designed for today’s shopper the beverage and flower holder features an opening to accommodate the handle for most portable mugs.
  • small profile takes up less room in the cart.
  • hygienic with less places for dirt to be trapped
  • see your fresh flower sales improve with a holder that keeps them safe and out of your customer’s way, which maintains shopping capacity
  • flexible and durable mounting system will retrofit most carts