EZtote®4240 Nesting Stocking Cart


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The EZtote®4240 nesting stocking cart is specially designed to fit four large stocking totes and it nests, taking up less space when not in use. Raised edges on shelves help keep totes in place while the cart is in use. It is available with center wheels to facilitate turning, making the cart easier to maneuver when loaded.

Our material handling, utility and stocking carts have been specifically designed to maximize employee efficiency and safety while minimizing the amount of floor space required to store them when not in use. These innovative solutions have been manufactured with durability and quality in mind and make excellent additions to your back room equipment arsenal.

Product Description

  • versatile, multi-purpose stocking cart
  • nests when not in use, saving more than 6 sq ft of space per additional cart
  • holds up to four 24”x20”x12” stocking totes
  • raised edges help keep totes in place when maneuvering cart
  • durable design easily carries up to 500 pounds, 150 pound limit on top shelf
  • strong, durable steel shelving
  • broad wheelbase creates maximum stability
  • swivel wheels for easier maneuverability in tight areas
  • center wheels facilitate easy turning with a heavy load
  • cart finish: e-coat base layer, powder coat top layer
length 50.82 inches
width 26.37 inches
height 41.73 inches
weight of cart 84 pounds
nesting distance 10.82 inches
upper load area 41.4 x 22.8 inches
lower load area 41.4 x 22.8 inches
weight capacity 500 pounds
wheel description 6 x 5 inches wheels
brakes optional

Specification Sheet

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