Compact Nesting Stocking Cart Model 33RS

The 33RS is one of our new incredibly versatile stocking carts that nest, saving valuable space in your back room. Replaceable top covers mean you don’t have to replace the whole cart when you need new ones. Shelves also retract to carry large or bulky items making this cart a great replacement for many different stocking carts.

Our material handling, utility carts and stocking carts have been specifically designed to maximize employee efficiency and safety while minimizing the amount of floor space required to store them when not in use. These innovative solutions have been manufactured with durability and quality in mind and make excellent additions to your back room equipment arsenal.

Compact Cart with Space Saving Nesting

The compact 33RS retractable nesting stocking cart is one of our newest stocking cart designs. This cart was constructed specifically to replace inefficient and space-eating stocking carts that crowd back rooms and are eye-sores on the store floor. It’s small footprint makes this cart an ideal space saver for crowded or narrow aisles or back rooms. Its retractable shelves give maximum versatility and utility allowing for four different configurations. It has a slim design to fit easily through aisles of most sizes and incredible 9.06 inch nesting so it takes up less space in your back room when it is not in use.

Durable, Replaceable Covers

We have also designed replaceable plastic covers that fit on the shelves, these stop water or debris falling through and also prevent rusty metal surfaces. Now you don’t need to buy a whole new cart every time a shelf or surface is past it’s prime.

Versatile Retractable Shelves

The 33RS’s retractable shelves allow this utility cart to be incredibly versatile. The shelves fold away in different configurations giving you the space to haul tall and bulky items or several layers of smaller boxes, all in one cart!

The Whole Package

This compact smart cart improves the look, durability and stocking efficiency of your stocking equipment and drastically increases the amount of space in your backroom. No more need for rusty, bulky or un-nestable stocking utility carts.

Features & Benefits

  • versatile, nesting, utility cart
  • retractable upper shelves offer 4 different cart configurations for maximum utility
  • durable design easily carries up to 750 pounds
  • 150 pound weight capacity on top and middle shelves/450 pound weight capacity on bottom shelf
  • replaceable top covers for all shelves available in plastic, textured finish
  • can be used with or without shelf covers
  • nests in only 9.06 inches taking up less space when not in use
  • use with TerraBin™ container system for picking orders for in-store pick up and home delivery orders
  • swivel wheels allow for easy maneuverability in tight areas
  • rear wheel brakes prevent cart from rolling while loading and unloading
length 31.02 inches
width 20.79 inches
height 44.21 inches
weight of cart 60 pounds
nesting distance 9.06 inches
upper load area 24.48 x 16 inches
middle load area 24.48 x 16 inches
lower load area 24.48 x 16 inches
top/middle shelf weight capacity 150 pounds per shelf
total weight capacity 750 pounds
item numbers 107-33RS
wheel description 5 inches SUPERWHEEL
brakes yes

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