EZcart® Double Basket Shopping Cart

Convert your basket shoppers into cart shoppers with a convenience cart.

Convenience carts are the perfect solution for customers who shop several times a week. Singles, couples and the elderly will also find this solution helpful. They add extra convenience to your store by allowing customers to easily navigate crowded aisles, while having enough capacity to fit a medium shop.

Happy customers shop for longer and spend more.

Product Description

  • the EZcart® fits most standard size shopping baskets
  • the perfect solution to ease customer’s burden of carrying heavy baskets
  • holds two large baskets allowing basket shoppers to buy twice as much
  • sporty, modern styling gives a pleasing, contemporary look and feel
  • built in hooks for hanging bags after checkout
  • broad rear wheel base creates maximum stability
  • 4.53 inches nesting means more carts in less space, almost half the nesting of any other cart
  • small footprint reduces aisle congestion
  • entire cart made of recyclable steel and plastic
length 22.16 inches
width 19.80 inches
height 41.25 inches
weight of cart 25 pounds
nesting distance 4.53 inches
basket capacity 3,417 cubic inches
shopping capacity 4,784 cubic inches
wheel description 4 inches
brakes no

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